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The True Heroines

The True Heroines (TTH) is an original episodic sci-fi dramedy produced for the web. The web-series explores the lives of three seemingly "normal" housewives with superpowers, as they evade the evil corporation that brought them to be. With flashbacks to their former lives as cabaret dancers, The True Heroines offers the tone of Mad Men, the comedy of Glee and the darkness of Heroes rolled into one crazy adventure in the spirit of the Original Batman Series.

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The True Heroines nominated for 4 Leo Awards!

It has been a pretty exciting year so far for the team behind THE TRUE HEROINES and we are not even half way through it!! Here is a little round-up of our year so far: January -Accepted as an official selection at LA WEBFEST (worlds largest web festival) -Nomination for a CANADIAN SCREEN AWARD February [...]

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The CORPORATION Show- April 24 & 25, 2014

Catch the newest instalment of our “Comic-Strip Cabaret” on April 24 & 25, 2014 at the ANZA CLUB in Vancouver (8 West 8th Avenue)   There are only two nights to catch this dark new show! Get your tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/611896

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Inside Vancouver- March 10 2013

THE TRUE HEROINES RED CARPET, LIVE CABARET SHOW AND SCREENING by ELIANNALEV in EVENTS on March 10, 2013 Fans of Canadian television and film are in for a treat this Tuesday. True Heroines Entertainment, Inc. will be screening the first season of its web series The True Heroines at the Rio Theatre. The original series is stacked with multi-talented [...]

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The Vancouver Weekly- REVIEW- March 2013

ANGELS OF THE 1950′s by Jordan Mounteer The True Heroines premiere at The Rio Theatre on Commercial Broadway, March 12th Combining the visual flair of film with the sultry seduction of dance, the March 12th premiere of The True Heroines webisode series at Vancouver’s Rio Theater brought the 1950’s back to life, replete with vests and bow-ties, red lipstick, [...]

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The Daily Quirk- REVIEW- March 30 2013

THE TRUE HEROINES HITS ALL THE RIGHT NOTES By Ashley Gebhardt Jovanna Huguet as Margie Hepburn, Fiona Vroom as Pearl Andrews, and Paula Giroday as Dottie Rodriguez in THE TRUE HEROINES (Image Credit: http://thetrueheroines.com) Oh The True Heroines, I did not know my life was missing a Mad Men, Heroes, cabaret mash-up until your web series graced my screen. I will [...]

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Lloydminster Source- March 2013

Bringing the Show Back Home By Jacob Morgan Joel Sturrock was a student at the Lloydminster Comprehensive High School before leaving in his senior year to attend the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. Since then, he has gone on to find success as both a dancer and actor on everything from the stage to the screen. [...]

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The Vancouver Observer- March 15, 2013

The True Heroines: Naked launch at the Rio Alfred DePew Posted: Mar 15th, 2013 The True Heroines: American housewives after their wartime careers in Europe as cabaret artists … ‘Naked’ as in strip tease, not nudist. Naked as in down-to-your-bloomers-and-bustiere.  About as naked as you could get on stage in the 1940s and 50s without being [...]

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Industry Dance Magazine- March 2013

The True Heroines Webseries- Season One Christie Lee Manning IDM: For those who haven’t heard about you, who are the True Heroines?  The True Heroines is a sci-fi melodrama that incorporates a colourful and dangerous underground cabaret show.  The story follows three housewives who have superpowers, and are trying to stop an agency of hunters whom [...]

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Playback Magazine- March 2013

The True Heroines Launch Online Danielle Ng   Vancouver-produced web series The True Heroines kicks off today, with future episodes to be released weekly via YouTube and on the series’ website. The show, promoted as an “episodic sci-fi musical dramedy,” is about three seemingly normal 1950′s housewives who also have superpowers. The women elude the evil corporation [...]

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The Province- March 2013

BC PRODUCERS HIT WEB WITH THE TRUE HEROINES Glen Shaefer- March 27, 2013 The video assault on the web continues by both big players and small, as the conventional TV networks and plucky upstarts go looking for online audiences. The Vancouver-produced TV crimes series Motive filmed eight episodes of a companion web series The Dark [...]

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The Province- March 2013

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